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What an amazing holiday! So much to celebrate. I am glad you got to see the autumn colors, and the photos of your feast are colorful, and make me hungry just to look. Most of all I am happy for your whole family to be reunited. You are a very wealthy man–you have your healthy, your wonderful family, and a home filled with love. I know you had a happy Thanksgiving, and that you do every single day of the year.

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newyorkezul Posted on Ceea ce demonstreaza inca odata ca “marii politicieni ” ponta crin si geoana sumt niste mincinosi. Ei au afirmat ca marinarul minte poporul pentru ca el ar fi zis ca FMI a impus programul asta.Vasnicii luptator ANTI viseaza lucruri pe care le afirma sus si tare la celebrele lor televiziuni ca adevaruri absolute.

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Would certainly be nice if you folks up in Auckland would get your public transportation and highway system act together! The rest of the country is VERY tired of paying for your inability to come up with solutions, and we're sick to death of hearing you all continually moan about it!Maybe if you moved Auckland to Niue, you could all cram into a small space and not have the problem! It would also cure 80% of the crime problem too returning NZ to the peaceful place it once was!

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I am pretty sure I will be making this with your recommended changes. Having come from and marrying into 2nd generation Scandinavian immigrant families, and having an abundance of apples from our own orchard, this is a given! I will let you know how it turns out, surprised I have never heard of this before. I do however make many apple pies!

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Enlightening the world, one helpful article at a time.

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Pressure cooker:If you subscribe to the paleo schtick a la Rob wolf, you probably don’t want to use a pressure cooker with beans. Soaking beans mitigates the bad chemicals, pressure cooking doesn’t eliminate those chemicals.Current score: 0

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When I was little,about a couple? months.My dad was changing me,(it was a small apartment)and my mom comes into the bedroom/living room and then,as I have diaper removed I piss and,as if I had a penis,(which I don’t)I aimed straight into my dad’s mouth.It’s been 14 years.Still funny as shit.XD

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You people are as lame as it gets. You have no trouble allowing murderous comments from fanatics, but a simple comment of praise for a group of young artists requires your approval.

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I would never have thought to combine those two prints - but you know what? It totally works! I love looking at your pics - they are always so inspiring. Any chance you're size xs? I have a dress I'll send your way.

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Have a wonderful trip Karen. Relax and enjoy the sights. Perhaps thing will cool down (litterally) over here in the meantime.Looking forward to the next installment.

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si vos gracias a Dios que estoy bien.@ Nathan: De acuerdo con vos, es hora de pedirle a Dios que se acabe la delincuencia que tanto nos azota a diario@Todd: Saludos para vos también desde la capital :D@ Si vos, ahorita que está lloviendo se pone muy liso el asfalto, siempre a manejar con cuidado.@ Kike: es cierto vos! yo ni posteamos de eso. Justo cuando ibamos de regreso de la reunión bloguera nos iban a asaltar en el boulevard liberación si nos es por que caminamos rápido nos asaltan.Gracias a todos por comentar!

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This is great news, Trinidad comes with working production, with staff, rigs, the Herrera Formations could be huge, with potential for light oil!Not only that, hidden away in the RNS is 500% increase on texas since the work over started!

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TerjeP, show me a politician that doesn’t lie. It’s an occupational hazard. They can’t afford to tell the truth, because the media would hang them out to dry.You have a choice on action on carbon. We either do something about it now, or we sit on our hands and do something much more dramatic when we are forced to do so.Most of us want the government to get on with it. And we’re tired of wreckers like Abbott trying to pretend there is an easy way that doesn’t involve pain.I think it’s pretty clear that Abbott is a prize c**t who is fighting internal battles against more sensible people within his own party.

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The man obviously needed psychiatric help to be a successful member of society… I only wish mental hospitals were effective enough back then to help him properly.

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Mais comment on a pu ne pas y penser plus tôt ! l’échec scolaire n’est dû ni à des situations de vies difficiles, ni au manque d’effectif des enseignants, ni au manque de budget, ni même à des programmes et des évaluations inadaptés…. mais à l’absentéisme ! Du coup le ministère de l’éducation, et par là-même, l’Etat, se trouve totalement disculpé. C’est de la faute des élèves et de leurs familles qui ne les surveillent pas si ils échouent, ces graines de fainéants… Merci monsieur Darcos de nous avoir ouvert les yeux !

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So I meant to say, that Yes, distance and perspective make a huge difference, and if you aren't all excited about something when you have distance and perspective, you shouldn't have been upset in the first place.

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Elaine,Tears filled my eyes as I read this today. First because I was imagining having to experience the empty bed one day coming soon in my own home. It won't be for a few years. But, every year seems to be coming faster and faster and the thought of my children going off to college soon is overwhelming to me.And second because the inspiration of this post has hit home with me. Facing the wave and trusting God to take care of me? What a scary yet exciting way to live! Thanks for sharing this!Christy

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snowysoso :我知道內地學校有把學生分級,理解上都是從香港學過去的;而香港的【高等班】學生,大部分都是要靠補習幫助,當然他們資質是較佳,但壓力也大。不過,內地學生會否因學業問題跳樓,相信會比香港少,但可能中是內地媒體少報導也說不定,妳知道,內地報導新聞,是【經考慮認為無問題才妥善地公布】çš„,以免影響國家...形象。我鍾意【超常班】呢個名,咁,有無【 超勁班】...?PS : 妳講果位【哈罰】高才人,咁,佢成為妳條仔...我指成為妳好友未呢?車丸丸: 講到觀賞性, 在下的 FaceBook friend list ,又強力引證了自從用左 Facebook後,發覺香港真係靚女多既。說書人 Carson Sir ~ :萬曆十五年今天重演,祝演出成功,你個角色好型下。

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SOM-undersökningen går nog ut till ett tvärsnitt av befolkningen. Även jag misstänker att mängden "icke-svenskar" bland de som svarar blir allt fler. Därav den alltmer positiva bilden av "utlänningar".I radions luncheko idag den 10 maj säger för övrigt en forskare från Göteborgs Universitet ungefär följande:Begreppet "svensk" har breddats. Att vara "svensk" i dag inte är samma sak som att vara "svensk" för 15-20 år sedan.

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le morceau d’escalope ,ça fait penser au marchand de venise aussi…le fils ainé en hypothéque divine à taux usuraire,hum…Max Jacob un farceur doublé d’un ironique lecteur des contes rabbiniques !

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#68 ADA I think what Richard was trying to say, and if I am wrong I apologize to him in advance, is that prices only fell less than 1% period,a dter a 50% increase.As far as local, the real estate bubble encompassed most of the state of NJ, with some areas bing more bubbly than others

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Ach … ich weiß doch auch nicht, wie es dazu kommen konnte. Ich hoffe ganz inständig, dass es nur passiert ist, weil Käufer von designierter Nerd- und Geek-Literatur zu einem signifikanten Anteil unter sozialer Inkompetenz leiden, und dadurch solche Bücher benötigen. Andere Gründe will ich mir nicht vorstellen und dementiere ich hiermit.

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Ne-am uitat impreuna cu copiii la filmul cu "Stelutele" si le-a placut foarte mult. Un impediment a fost limba vorbita - un soi de indiano-engleza pe care nici eu,nu am priceput-o... Ioana a retinut "very good", ceea ce poate e esentialul... Tipic filmelor indiene am vazut ca e schimbarea de cadre brusca care deseori e obositoare, dar muzica e grozava (desi Calin spunea ca se vede o asemanare cu maneaua)si lipsa de scene prea siropoase de afectiune... Imi plac propunerile tale. Spor in toate!

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rocktellme / Wow,I never imagined there would come the Expanded Edition of Forevermore! So, does this include ‘Rainbow’ MV ?♥?♥? Can’t wait for the release! Thank you David and your team and all who related:)))

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“They should just call it “Nothing Considered”.”I might steal that. Or maybe “Not much considered” or “On careful consideration, shut up and listen to us” or “Consider changing the dial”.

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Massad is a perfect example of the US left’s weakness on Israel/Palestine, compared with how successful it was a criticizing European racism. It helped end white apartheid. Jewish apartheid, not so much. If the US supported nuclear weapons because of ‘European racial privilege’, it would have given them to apartheid South Africa. But it didn’t. In fact it helped bring that regime down. It gave them to apartheid Israel, and today backs that regime more enthusiastically than it supports itself. The test is simple, the results are clear: no, it’s not European racism. It must be something else.

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